On a wing and a prayer

So it has started. The mommy paranoia. As I took K to the bus stop today and watched her merrily climb into the bus, the thought flashed across my mind. How will I know she has reached her school and then classroom safely? And then the sirens went off in my head. Red, blazing and loud. I will know …only when she gets off the bus at 5 in the evening.

I’m generally not a pessimist or lover of worst case scenarios. But I like to be prepared for all contingencies. And in this case, its my little kiddo. How can i not even try to plug this gap in the process? And there are so many solutions possible . If only the school and the parents are willing to spend some time and energy thinking it through. We are ready to spend so much on fancy toys and the fancy school.

All that comes to nought if in today’s world we parents aren’t super paranoid about their safety. I don’t know if it was a safer world 10-20 years back. It definitely was a quieter world. You didn’t get to hear about the bad stuff in such an instantaneous in-your-face manner like we do today.

Yes, I trust the driver. Why? he seems like a nice guy. (lame)

Yes, I trust the senior kids on the bus. Why? They are good kids from good families. Surely they will watch out for the little ones when they lift their heads out of their books and mobiles

But one fine day when something goes wrong…. Yes, I would have said my little prayer in the morning but…. I didn’t even try to find a solution? Not good enough.

So here I come… frantically googling about GPS devices and preparing my safety spiel for the school and other parents. I can’t leave this on a wing and a prayer.

2 thoughts on “On a wing and a prayer

    • True. I think there are many easy solutions out there but so many schools just find it easier to say that transportation isnt their responsibility. Thankfully I am hearing of schools introducing GPS Id cards and other such solutions.

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