Second mover’s advantage

Last weekend we celebrated V’s first birthday. Amidst all the voices around me saying “one already?”, “time flies, they grow up so fast”, etc etc… I couldn’t help but notice the subtle differences to when K was one.

I remember K at one was just about walking with the support of furniture. She wasnt overly keen to be mobile and we carried her more often than not. V on the other hand is already running! Hence she’s already falling a lot more and banging into things a lot more!

V was at ease with so many friends and family at home. She seemed to sense that its her day and she made it her business to enjoy it! And I loved the smile on her face as I put a small gold chain with a Ganesha pendant around her neck. She loved it and it made her feel special.

Just a few years apart and they already seem to belong to two different generations! V has a constant companion in K – someone to play with, look up to, copy and someone who inspires and cheers her on to newer milestones.

She can walk, so can I
She can run, so can I
She can climb, so can I
She can eat by herself, so can I

Slow down little one. Let me savour every moment. We watched our first baby grow into a beautiful young lady. We want to hold you in this moment forever…..

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