Are you Happy?

Are you Happy, my little one?

K & V will always be my little babies. Every child is so special and just wraps itself around your heart so tight that sometimes it’s difficult to breathe. Every moment of every day I want them to be happy and secure. But that’s not really possible is it? I’m just setting myself up for a whole lot of heartache if I let every frown of their’s squeeze my heart.

It just seems that today’s kids have so many more worries than we every did as children. They know so much more and want to know even more and experience way too much more. Peer pressure and the need to fit it and the need to shine in everything they do – it all starts way too early.

I tend to agree with Tiger Mom. Though I havent read her book yet I have read various ‘opinions’ and I thought she brought her point across very well on (of all places!) Bill Maher’s show.

Appreciation needs to be earned. And when we create kids with high self-esteem with very little achievement to back it up, we really aren’t doing them any favours. So with minimal efforts, kids hear applause. And on occasions, when effort has been poured in and there is silence, it sets the stage for huge disappointments and creates quitters.

Have I digressed? 

Anyway, getting back to where I started… all I wish for my little angels is that they are able to enjoy the journey. I will cheer them on endlessly but they will hear ‘great job done’ only when it’s a great job done.

I wonder if I can really do this without squeezing my heart to death!

Your thoughts please...

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