Starting Young

So it’s time to start hunting for a good playschool for V. I have deliberated the pros and cons enough number of times and have come to the foregone conclusion that it will be good for her. More kids, more activities, some singing and dancing and all that jazz.

And after reading so many articles, blogs, etc on how to choose a good playschool, I have come to the profound conclusion that the only thing that matters most is…. (drumroll)…. gut feel!

And what I shall attribute to gut feel actually incorporates a lot of the logical checkpoints also. My heart (ok, gut) will say yes because all the basic stuff is there – bright and airy place, safe equipment, pleasant staff…. The final nod comes because something tells you that these strangers will take care of your child and treat her with love and respect. That they will make her feel wanted and not like she’s being shipped out for a few hours of quiet.

So this weekend, I shall jump in and out of new schools, waiting for my gut to say, “stop! this is the one for V.”

One thought on “Starting Young

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