Cat Without A Tiger Mom

So my darling Cat with the momma-made Hat was through to the finals! Yipee! And I just loved the look of absolute pride and joy on her face. You have already won, baby.

And that’s the boo-boo momma made. With a week to go for the finals, I thought the best thing to do was spruce up the costume and let her do her thing. She was enjoying the prospect of being on stage and I didn’t want to ruin it by making her rehearse till she was a wooden talking puppet. And it seemed to be a good idea. She was choreographing her own steps, adding to tune to the poem and having a ball.

In hindsight, momma took her eye of the ball. There are tiger moms and dads out there!

On the D-Day, K even insisted she was cool enough to go by bus in full costume. And she did a lovely job on stage. The costume really looked so real. The little white tummy patch on the black t-shirt was looking adorable. Apart from a couple of hitches with the mike (wish they had pinned it on her to allow unrestricted movement), the performance was very entertaining.

But some of the other kids/ parents had really gone all out in terms of costume and dialogue. I could see the hours of practice. It was rehearsed but it made an impression with the judges.

Anyway, K was thrilled to have taken part and I didn’t see even a hint of disappointment at not winning a prize. She knew Momma and Daddy were so proud of her. And that’s the way it should be.

But…. next time, momma will push herself a little more. I feel I let you down a wee little bit, Kiddo.

Look out for us next year!


3 thoughts on “Cat Without A Tiger Mom

  1. I so identify with this. My son Vidur is 13 now – but, when he was in primary school those fancy dress competitions were events that raised my blood pressure half way through the event. We always did home made costumes (and were very gratified when he actually got the first prize). I have to confess, though, that those 3 hours of waiting after seeing the other kids in the height of hired costumes looking too pro for their own good were freaky. I’d keep thinking maybe I hadn’t done enough.

    Loved this post. And your template. The green (it is green, isn’t it? je suis color-blind) is so soothing.

    • Vidya, thank you so much for all your lovely comments. They are very encouraging for a new blogger like me. Hope you continue to enjoy reading my stories.

      p.s. I’d like to think the colour is teal but may be it’s just green! 🙂

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