Natural Order of Things

Recently a celebrity-cricketer lost his 19-year-old son in a ghastly road accident. Young boy, new bike, excessive speed – recipe for disaster. Yet, something you would not wish upon your worst enemy. A young mother’s tweet summed it up perfectly – ‘it’s against the natural order of things for parents to outlive their kids’. 

Everyday with a heart full of love, I go about doing some very mundane tasks. It is usually 10 pm and the kids have finally decided to let the wave of fatigue and sleep take over. The house is silent, a very comforting silence that I tiptoe through. The father is either travelling or yet to get back home and snooze in front of the blinking lights of the television on mute.

In this stillness, I go about my little jobs. Wash and rinse V’s baby bottles and let the sterilizer take over. Check the school bag for four (yes, always has to be four) sharpened pencils, current favourite eraser and a set of crayons. Scrape the mud off the school shoes and buff them up for another rough day at the office. Put away the toys that lie across the battlefield otherwise known as the living room. Iron K’s uniform and pack the sports gear for the next day. All very simple tasks. I go about it quietly, without any fanfare.

But the thing is, in my mind, only I can do all these things in a perfectly orderly fashion. I am the super-glue that keeps things sane. Who else will remember that its Wednesday and the library book has to be carried to school? Who else will carefully spread a layer of cheese spread for K’s sandwich that’s just the right thickness? Who else will surprise her with a few scoops of Glucon-C in the water bottle once a week? Who else will make sure we reach the bus in time so that she catches her favourite seat, from where she can wave to Momma till the bus turns the last bend? Who else will make sure V wakes up to her best friend –  the pigeon toy?

Am I sounding like an ordinary Mom with a super-inflated ego? I’m not one. We all have our little routines with our loved one. Am sure the father has his own little world where its only him and the kids. It’s what makes each day so simple and joyous.

All I am saying is that this is the natural order of things. I need to do this for them. I need to be there for them. My heart has two little nooks just their size. And when I come home after a long, tiring day at work – they are there for me. Four arms outstretched together to fit a Momma just my size.


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