Holiday means Nothing

In order for someone to be your soul mate, your idea of a vacation must match. So I love that my dear husband and I agree that when we get some time off, we should simply do nothing.

It has now come to be that our holiday dates are decided by an another supreme authority – the school. I made it clear to my dearly beloved colleagues that when school shuts for two weeks, I would disappear for two weeks. My time with my girls. And two weeks at one destination is a little too much even for a bunch of lazy folks like us. So it was Goa for week one.

This time we had five full days to stretch, pull and drag around our laziness and inertia. What joy! And I chose the Park Hyatt as it is an outstanding property with a pristine private beach, large pools and most importantly a kiddie delight called Camp Hyatt. I simply love the facilities – toys, books, art and craft sessions, movies, games, etc. Cant expect a 6-year-old to stay idle for too long, so this is a real boon when the sun is too bright and hot outside.

So despite pre-trip resolutions to get out of the resort and see the ‘real’ Goa at least once, we never did! Have saved the churches and flea markets and plantations for the next trip :-). This one was all about pure R&R. So we, especially the girls,were content with our set of activities – swimming in the pool, sliding into the pool on the water slide, rolling in the sand on the beach, collecting shells, hours under the bathroom hand shower, jumping on the soft mattresses and pillows, eating, snoozing… bliss!

This was V’s first time on a beach… must have felt like an endless sandpit to her! Loved the way she set about exploring it on her own terms – feeling the wet sand, rolling in the dry sand, taking cautious baby steps into the water as the waves lashed against her tiny feet. Fearless, curious, adventurous.

K, the seasoned traveler, had packed her backpack with her favourite books, crayons, her ‘secret diary’, toys for V and some knickknacks including her latest craze, Uno cards. As soon as we reached our room on Day 1, she declared the antique style writing-table to be her sole property. All the contents of the bag were carefully placed in various drawers, mentally categorised I am sure. She loved sitting at the table writing little notes to herself or us, doodling, playing games with imaginary friends – that corner was her world. She loved her Didi at the Camp – making shell cards, paper flowers and other colourful trinkets. But like the rest of us, most of her time was in the water! Except when Daddy was pretending to be a shark 🙂

We all needed this precious time together, away from the daily routines. Father bonding with daughter, sister bonding with sister, Mother enjoying the view and the space. 🙂

Next time will see some Goa. Promise.

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