Flying Visit

Secretly I am looking forward to my trip tomorrow, even though my day will start at 4am and drag on till midnight. It will be my first post-V trip, leaving her in the safe hands of her father and grandparents. And of course big sister K. Am sure she will be asleep by the time I reach back home so technically I would not have left her “alone” overnight. A nice slap in the face to Momma’s guilt. 🙂

So I am looking forward to being alone in the airport, maybe window shopping and sipping an over-priced latte. Then escaping into my iPad during the flight, watching my favourite shows and podcasts. Then actually eating my airline meal without a baby on my lap and one at the side stealing my sugar packets. (yes, I actually enjoy airline food – that is how much I long for this solitude).

I will physically be in another town. You know where my mind and heart will be. Wonder if V woke up and asked for me. Wonder if they had their fun weekend bath together yet. Wonder if they are going out with Daddy to the park. Wonder what I should buy for them.

I haven’t even boarded the flight and I miss them already! 🙂

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