Moving On

Decided I should squeeze in one final post for the year. And why not? The year deserves it! 🙂 It has been quite good to me… settling into a new home, new schools for the girls, new workplace and managed to be new to blogging also.

It’s been a year in which many near and dear ones have gone through crazy downs, thankfully to come up on top. Each instance I tell myself to count my blessings and not let the daily irritations grow into bigger irritations. It should be pretty easy to implement but it never is somehow. All it takes is a wet towel left lying on the bed or the maid walking in twenty minutes late or the child spilling something to let loose a tirade. In fairness to me, many times I do count to ten and move on. Many times I don’t also.

So this coming year, I want to do just one thing… take it a day at a time and enjoy my time with my friends and family. And by enjoy I don’t mean go bunjee-jumping or drive down to Goa on a whim but just enjoy the blessing that they are around me and would stand by me no matter what. Unconditional love. Need to give and so receive.

Wish you all a joyous and safe celebration into 2012!


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