Quiet friendships

The best way to make sure you do less of something is to make a simple new year resolution about doing more of it. My well-intentioned resolution was to blog more often. Enough said. It has taken me almost two months to haul myself back over here.

Its been a good start to the year. Touch wood. An interesting move up at work. Kids back to school and the daily rush. Hubby enjoying his travels in and out of small towns dotting the countryside. And as I sit back and relax, there has been quiet change in the way my six-year-old K and twenty month old V interact with each other. Amidst all the shouting, jostling, pulling and pushing, there are these lovely moments of friendship. Sharing a chocolate earned after a hard day of good behavior. Running around the furniture and playing catch with little V loving to pretend she’s a puppy with a mean bite. Sitting cross-legged on the floor and syncing hand movements to rhythmic songs. Leaning back in the big lazy chair, snuggled together and giggling over their favourite cartoon shows. Flipping pages of a big picture book – K thrilled that she can read the words and V excited by the pictures she can identify and sounds she can mimic.

One day I overhear this conversation.

‘V, can you give me back my crayons?’, pleads big sister K.


‘V, do you want a new Barbie?’


‘Then give me my crayons and I’ll get you a new Barbie.’

‘Yesh.’ And there’s a polite return of crayons.

The very next day there is a repeat performance. But…

‘V, give me my notebook back and I’ll give you a new Barbie.’

‘No! No Barbie.’

Wiser already. 🙂


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