Is There Life After Work?

Is There Life After Work?

She was the CFO of Lehman Brothers. That defined her. Then it was gone. And she got her life back.

I’m not going to get into a post on work-life balance and associated cliches. For one I don’t even know how we don’t realise the irony of calling it work-life and not perhaps work-home balance.

i just want to focus on one sentence which hit me smack in the face and left me with a nose-bleed.

“Like everyone, though, I did have relationships — a spouse, friends and family — and none of them got the best version of me. They got what was left over.”

Guilty as charged. Here I was – the good employee, caring boss, cooperative co-worker. Then I packed my bags and came home to be the grumpy wife, impatient mom and disinterested daughter. How mind-numbingly pointless was my life!!

Now what?


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