My Annual High

One thing which excites T and me to no end is planning her birthday party. It starts as casual chats a few months in advance, just bouncing ideas off each other. Maybe this theme. Maybe that. Then about six weeks to the big day, we narrow down the wish list. I subtly knock off ideas which I know are near impossible to implement (‘how about an underwater world with dophins?!’) or cartoon characters that I detest (sorry Mr.Bean and Powerpuff girls). We both firmly draw the line at anything overly girlie – no princess and fairies for us please. What will all the boys do?! Ok, once we partied with Dora. But she’s an explorer!

So finally Momma gets a month to get down to her creative, resourceful best. There’s no place like home and there’s nothing as much fun as home-made!

So I design the invitations and the Chief Guest proofreads and approves.

I put together a guest list and T adds a dozen ‘my best friend’ names.

I think of ways to decorate the room and T raises the bar each time.

I search high and low and online for interesting return gifts suiting our theme. She reserves one for herself. Sometimes two.

I suggest games we can play at the party. She adds the condition that she’s allowed to play and maybe even win. We agree that she should just handover the prize to the winner. But the games are special to us. Daddy is always our Games Host. T loves to have him in charge and regaling her friends and entertaining them with his made-for-the-occasion humour!

I put forth a menu. T doesn’t plan on wasting time eating. Sigh.

I pick out a couple of interesting cake designs and convince the bakery that they have the skills required to make it happen. T has ofcourse pre-approved the design.

I make the calls, mail the invites, tally the rsvps. T adds a few more ‘good friend’s to the list.

And this way, together T and I have partied with jungle animals, Dora, Chhota Bheem and my personal favourite, a Painting Party… where each artist was given a canvas, paints, brushes and all the room in the world for their imagination to run wild.

This year we have invited some Pirates. Much fun shall be had. As always. It is our annual pilgrimage together and my personal annual high. I sometimes wonder who has more fun – me or her. We are like ebony and ivory so the final outcome is some amazing music.

So Ahoy Mateys! See you on the other side.