Cat in the Hat

Much as I may crib and rant, I love the rush of putting together something in the last hour. I will never admit it publicly (or did i just do that?!) but the thrill of having to create something out of nothing, making old odds and ends work – I love it!

So the challenge put on the table last evening was to create a Cat in the Hat costume for K for a 2 minute performance at school today. Well I must admit, I get a lot of help from my trusty sidekick…Mr. Google as K calls it.

So I got to work… black chart paper, black felt, red ribbon, white tummy patch… the works! And of course the heroine had to be prepped with her lines. And she’s an old pro at memorising lines. I don’t know how she does it but five minutes is all it takes and she’s got it down pat. I show her a couple of YouTube videos and the action song is all set to rock. And by now she’s really excited to be doing something different.

“no boring cinderella, fairy, princess for me!”

The hat stripes and bow tie have been painted red and attached to a hat and ribbon respectively for her wearing ease. So morning arrives and mom and daughter are excited. Costume on, rehearsal done and K is shipped off.

Now come the tough part – waiting till evening to hear how it went.