Thank you Steve

Thank you Mr. Jobs Steve.

I feel a personal loss. I feel as though I knew him and he most definitely knew me.

He knew I would love the look and feel of it.

He knew I loved to nonchalantly swipe my finger across the screen and move from one baby picture to the next.

He knew I liked to pinch V’s little cheeks with my two fingers and enlarge the digital smile.

He knew I loved sitting up late syncing those Sesame Street podcasts that let K casually throw words like ‘predicament’ and ‘octagon’ when she was just four.

He knew that my Mom’s face would light up when she tilted the screen and her grand-daughter’s face moved with her.

He knew my Dad would love the detailed market and match updates in the middle of anywhere.

He knew that hubby dear would want to remember some obscure place or face and would turn to me and say, “just google it on your phone, na?”.

When I was confirmed to my bed for over 7 months, the iPhone was all I needed for company. I could be anywhere and do anything. And now with the iPad.

Such a genius. Thank you for everything, Steve. Rest in Peace.