It’s easier to hold her hand

I am learning this the hard way. K is suddenly a big girl. And each new day at school teaches her that it’s not that difficult to do something on your own. Especially if you have to.

I thought she was fully ready for her new ‘big’ school – mentally tough, no fear of new people and places, and a veteran of ‘big’ school, having done two years of KG at a big school. But i suddenly started realising that I hadn’t thought of training her on some of the more basic skills that she would actually need. She may be the youngest in her class but in 1st std she was expected to wear her shoes, tie her laces, wash herself and change in and out of her swimming costume herself. No more Didis hovering around in school to help.

But Momma hadn’t taught her! Momma loved being beside her to lend a helping hand. So now Momma was full of guilt (what’s new?!).

But as always, K rose to the occasion – quietly and calmly.

“Daddy – teach me how to tie my laces like you do everyday”

“Daddy – let us practise this clip on my skirt so i can do it myself in the bathroom”

“Momma – keep an extra bag for my wet clothes. I can put on my suit myself. I’ll manage”

“Momma – i just use the hand hose pipe to wash myself. its little difficult but its ok”

“Momma – can you write my name in my shoe so that i can find it easily after yoga class”

Momma used her ingenuity and applied a bit of red nail polish on the lace tips and back of the shoe. So K can find her shoe very easily 🙂

There’s comfort in always being there. Yes, its nice to feel wanted.

And now I know there is greater comfort in knowing she has the confidence to try it herself and the humility to ask for help.

Spread your wings, little one!

(meanwhile let me go and help V for a few years before she also realises the joy of flying solo)